SNAP Myths Debunked

MYTH: I don’t have legal status in this country so I can’t get SNAP benefits.

  • FACT: While you aren’t eligible, citizens and documented people who live with you are, including your children if you have them. Children, regardless of immigration status, are ALWAYS eligible for SNAP benefits. Non-citizens, both documented and undocumented, can apply on behalf of their children.


MYTH: If I apply for SNAP, I will jeopardize my chances of becoming a citizen and could be deported.

  • FACT: The DTA cannot share this information with the government. They cannot and will not deport you.


MYTH: Noncitizens are ineligible for SNAP.

  • FACT: Everyone has a right to apply for SNAP, regardless of citizenship status. **There are exceptions, but the majority of non-citizens requires 5 YEARS of US residency before they become eligible for SNAP benefits.


MYTH: I Have to answer yes to receiving public assistance on my Legal Permanent Resident Application if I receive SNAP

  • FACT: On the form for Permanent Resident Status (1-485, Part 3, Question 2), you DO NOT answer yes to having received public assistance if you receive SNAP benefits. SNAP benefits are NOT considered a public charge, even if your immigration lawyer says answer yes.